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‘Granny Came to Work’ and social inclusion of old people

Posted: 13 de February de 2015 at 10:00   /   by   /   comments (0)
A Avó Veio Trabalhar - divulgação

A Avó Veio Trabalhar – divulgação

According to the UN, until the middle of the 21th century 30% of Brazilian population and other 64 countries will be over 60 years old. In 1950, life expectation was not more than 50 years old in developed countries. Nowadays, it’s more than 80.

Together with people’s aging, new challenges come up: How to deal with health, how to offer dignity to those people, social security issues, work relations and etc. It’s a huge list and we still don’t know how to handle it. A person gets retired and has no more opportunities and, as a result, feels socially excluded and even useless.

Avó Veio Trabalhar” (In English, ‘Granny Came to Work’) is a learning, sharing and empowerment project that increases the intervention power of old people in the Portuguese society through design or other traditional jobs. People over 60 participate of it by creating gloves and other exclusive clothing made from old sweaters. The first collection named ‘One’ was launched around December last year. The gloves are embroidered and receive drawings made by them.

The project aims to promote social and professional reinsertion of old people, besides stimulating their entrepreneur and creative instincts. It all using design as a tool for social inclusion and cooperation for products and services. ‘Granny Came to Work’ is a creative lab that also recovers the Portuguese immaterial heritage and non-registered knowledge they guard and transmit. In addition, their entrepreneurship potential are developed for the formation, production and commercialization of representative products from their local communities.



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